Everyone loves a puppy ………….. but you can have too much of a good thing!

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Hello friends,

My human friends tell me that the world (whatever that is) is having a big problem with something called a virus. I don’t know what a virus is but apparently it makes humans sick and lots of them have had to go and see their human vets to get better.

One of the things that us dogs in the shelter have noticed is that there are a lot more dogs and particularly puppies around here than there used to be. This virus thing has stopped lots of my friends going to new mummies and daddies in places called Germany and Holland because the aeroplanes have not been flying.

If I tell you that our shelter was built for 170 dogs and now we have 310 and of the 310 we have 55 puppies under 8 months old.

These puppies may look very nice and cuddly and sweet, which they are of course, but they do take a lot more care from us dogs and humans.

They have to have special rooms to live in so that they are safe and they have to have special food which has a strange name called ‘very expensive’. We are always falling over them and they go to the toilet far too often which takes a lot of cleaning and polishing to make things nice for us all. Because they are babies they get sick more often and have to go and see Aynur the vet to get better. They cannot drink our well water so they have to have special bottled water like my human friends do.

The humans tell me that all these extra dogs and especially the puppies are costing us a lot more of something called money which is apparently very important to keep the shelter going but I have no idea what a ‘money’ is?

My human friends have asked me to ask you all if you can give the shelter some of this money stuff to help us through this difficult time at my shelter. Please help, here is something called a ‘donate button’ and you have to press it to help us out.

Please press it now.

Please Donate

Love from Akkus

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Old Friends Leaving – Or Not? – Yessss

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Today my dear friend Sina came in her car very early in the morning when it was still dark. Then my other friend Murat came as well and started moving great big boxes around. Then would you believe it they put my friends Lalique and Maya into two of the great big boxes and then Sina drove off with them in her car. Apparently they are going to a thing called an airport in somewhere called Dalaman to get on a big noisy thing called a plane which will go very fast and take them to a place far away called Holland. They told their friends in their kennel that Sina had told them they were going to get what is called ‘a new home’. Apparently this means they will do things called playing and cuddling some humans called ‘new owners’. All sounds a bit scary to me but Murat said they will have a wonderful time for the rest of their lives so that is perfect with all of their friends in the shelter.




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Then it all went wrong, Karine (their Flight Mother) and Sina came back with Lalique and Maya in their boxes. Then they went back to their kennels 🙁 Karine and Sina told us that the thing called a plane was cancelled because it was doing a thing called snowing in a place called Istanbul! They said that snowing is a thing where white stuff comes down from the sky a bit like rain, but its very cold. I am not sure we would like that but some of my friends think it might be fun.

Murat, and Sina and Karine say they will try again tomorrow, we will keep all our paws crossed that it does.



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Hurrah everything has worked, Karine has gone to Holland with Lalique and Maya. Hopefully we will get some nice pictures of them when they arrive, watch this space.



Lalique Looks So Happy

She is in her new home with her new humans, doesn’t she look happy?

Come on humans at the shelter, lets get working on the next dogs to pack their bags and fly away 🙂



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